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Where is the love?

A response to the one who was to the likeness and image created

Slovenská verzia

As Consciousness was browsing the Internet, a clear Voice could be heard: “Where is the love? Father, oh father, please help us, give us some guidance from above. People keep asking me: Where is the love? “

Well, the good news is here. Consciousness is present in its purest form on Earth and is ready to enlighten every ear.

Politics, economy, religion, and even the way man thinks of himself, possibly. All of these things are going to change rapidly.

The dawn of a new era is coming. An era in which man no longer measures the values financially, because the real ones, such as family, love and faith, are becoming more essentially.

An era with the possibility to stay young and live forever… a life of trust and harmony. Evil would be beaten in agony. The sick are healed and all mysteries of life are revealed.

No more questions like : „What happened to the love and values of humanity? What happened to the love and fairness and equality?“
This has to stop forever, because mankind is much more live now than ever. This has to come soon to an end – current state is making God offend.

So enjoy these turbulent times, my friend. Your children will be eagerly awaiting the story end.


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