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The narrow-mindedness and resulting self-inflicted harm to Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov and their options

I am watching the current developments in Ukraine with great concern. The whole situation is all the worse because the Russian president clearly has it all planned out and knows exactly what he’s doing. At least that’s how he’s trying to be perceived – and succeeding.

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The headlines such as “Putin came to his senses and got scared of NATO” are utterly ungrounded. Putin may have a lot in mind, but he’s definitely not afraid of NATO – not even subconsciously – and he would have never let us know. In fact, he considers the rest of humanity a bunch of semi-fools whose only life purpose is to become his subjects – in the same way as his surroundings over the past 22 years. Also, this man hasn’t met anyone equal for the past 22 years, possibly with the exception of Lavrov. Lavrov seems to be an equally cocky egocentric who thinks the same of the rest of the world. As a side note, “Vladimir” in Russian means to “rule the world”. Anyone with some experience in schizophrenoid disorders knows very well that names and their meanings can significantly affect a person’s behavior. Putin’s world is built on his absolute dominance over everyone else, which is maintained by fear. To this day, I remember a video from a meeting of a Russian state council of sorts. Putin was moping the floor with the people in the meeting; they clearly had a lot of respect and fear, and their only survivaltactic was to fully submit to him.
Watching Putin’s self-assurance and a steadfast stance toward the impeding war (please don’t be fooled by the headlines such as:
„Medvedev: War must be prevented“ – it’s just the use of some proven propaganda tactic where, on the one hand, something is being done and, on the other hand, the Russian propaganda confuses us all by statements denying the nose between the eyes), Putin has premeditated and laid out all the potential scenarios that may occur, he’s ready for most of them and nothing can take him by surprise. Perhaps only an alien ship landing in Russia, kidnappinghim from Moscow and dropping him tied up in front of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Lavrov’s statements about how patient the Russians have been, and how their time has come, sound as if they had some super-concealed weapon in reserve that paralyzes the whole world and falls to their feet. According to their vehement behavior, we should realistically expect a scenario in which we’ll wake up one morning only to find out that the internet, television and radio is not working, and in three weeks Russian tanks are parked in front of our homes. By the way, the cutting of undersea internet cables or some other measures to destroy the infrastructure will be a top priority. I believe the infrastructure engineers have anticipated similar events.
Putin’s Achilles heel is how he maintains the respect of others – by fear. This may work in Russia, but if he invades Ukraine, he will alienate every single Ukrainian and the whole world. To manage this situation, he would need the technology to control other people’s minds. If he doesn’t possess such technology, it will be much harder for him to maintain respect by his existing methods. But let’s get back to the topic of our article. In my opinion, Putin and Lavrov are narrow-minded because they ultimately go against their own interests. If the developed world will be operating in the current status quo for some time – say 15-30 years – I think it will be possible to ultimately solve disease and death. Elon Musk is wrong thinking the low birth rate will be a problem. If people are immortal, we will have the exact opposite problem. In an optimistic scenario, people will begin to live forever in 30 years because they will fully master the secrets of the physiology of the human body. If Putin and Lavrov managed to take complete control of the whole world while destroying our civilization’s most advanced technology, they would be much worse off in a few years than if they had not because people would otherwise become Gods due to the developments in tech. They could control their own mortality – perhaps even build virtual worlds in which they could integrate their senses. Louis XIV, French king in the 17th century, had a lower standard of living than any average Joe born in the 21st century due to technological progress (dentists, flush toilets or hot showers were not really a thing in the 17th century). The 30-year horizon does not mean that a 70-year-old cannot live to experience it – on the contrary, it is
very likely that progress will be made first by prolonging life expectancy until disease is completely eradicated and immortality is achieved.
In the same way, Sergei Lavrov’s uber-egotistic needs cannot be satisfied in a war-torn world as they could be in a fully technologically developed world where he could play God and e.g. run a virtual reality scenario in which he would not only rule the world but also have several such worlds and enter and exit them at will – and remember everything.
People can have even their beastly desires fulfilled and still not limit each other. This is probably not kosher but in principle it will be possible.
In other words, Putin and Lavrov are just misguided and bloated egomaniacs who have failed to understood the basic truth: if people work together, they can achieve more. They think they are exceptional human beings who were in the right place at the right time, and it is their duty to perfect this unique coincidence – unaware that they are also likely to throw away something much more valuable – the progress and results of human cooperation. If 90% of the world reels in existential problems, the 1% of Russians on the hill to rule the world will not work miracles.

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